Mainstream ESL program scores high

When a school board makes early intervention for language acquisition a priority, students and their families win!

More than 60 primary languages are spoken in Piscataway Township Schools, and so immersing students into both conversational and academic language and providing cultural guidance for their families is essential.

The district’s English as a Second Language (ESL) program embeds more than 60 ESL-endorsed teachers, allowing more students to remain in mainstream classrooms. In addition, it provides supports for ESL teachers and their professional development, immersion camps and field trips for students, health services, and even free busing for Saturday programs for students and their families.

How’s it working out? Great! Piscataway’s ESL program develops academic strengths and increases participation in honors and Advanced Placement (AP) classes. In just two years, the district doubled its percentage of ESL students taking AP courses, and saw a rise in overall AP scores.