Anoka-Hennepin Technical

Not every student graduates high school in four years. For those students who were at risk of not graduating, Anoka-Hennepin School District moved its Technical High School to the Anoka-Hennepin Technical College campus. This strategic change enabled students the opportunity to create five-year education plans running through high school and postsecondary training at the same campus. With the change, students can earn college credit for free while completing high school requirements.

The high school also fosters an environment that honors and invites students of diverse backgrounds to be part of its community. It offers individualized schedules and online options. A daily advisory promotes academic progress and supports the students’ social and emotional growth. After-school credit makeup each week helps students stay on top of their school work.

Small class sizes allow students to form important relationships that help them succeed academically, and showcase their gifts and talents as they plan future career and college pursuits. Transportation is provided along with breakfast and lunch, which fuels the mind as well as the body. Child care is free, making attending school much easier for students with children. All students have a postsecondary education plan.

At Anoka-Hennepin, students are eager to complete their high school diploma and continue to their postsecondary education, thanks to a program that focuses on the big picture and the smallest details.